Whether you’re a craft-loving connoisseur or a fan of ice cold classics, we’ll drench your ‘buds in awesome. Some stores might not stock all craft beers as below, so please chat to the rockstars in store if you’d like to find out more about availability at your local.


  • Apple Ale R32
  • Devil's Peak First Light R35
  • Lumber Jack R40
  • Skeleton Coast R40
  • Soweto Gold R40
  • Jack Black Draught R35


  • Apple Ale R40
  • Devil's Peak Frist Light R45
  • Lumber Jack R50
  • Skeleton Coast R50
  • Soweto Gold R50
  • Jack Black Draught R45
  • Apple Ale R40
  • Butchers Block R50
  • CBC Amber Weiss R55
  • CBC Pilsner R50
  • Citizen Alliance R50
  • Citizen Diplomat R48
  • Copper Lake English Ale R50
  • Darling Bone Crusher R55
  • Darling Slow Beer R55
  • Devil's Peak Lager R35
  • Devil's Peak Lager Ale R35
  • Jack Black R35
  • Jack Black Lumber Jack R60
  • Jack Black Skeleton Coast R50


  • Castle Lite 300ml R25
  • Castle Lite 500ml R35


  • Castle R21
  • Hansa Pilsner R21
  • Carling Black Label R22
  • Carling Blue Label R23
  • Castle Lite R23
  • Flying Fish R23
  • Hunter's Dry R25
  • Hunter's Gold R25
  • Amstel R24
  • Heineken R25
  • Amstel Lite R25
  • Savanna Dry R26
  • Corona R45
  • Jack Daniel's Shot R25
  • Jack Daniel's Shake R50
  • Red R37
  • White Dry R32
  • Coke/Light/Zero R17
  • Creme Soda R17
  • Fanta R17
  • Sprite/Zero R17
  • Tab R17
  • Bos Apple R25
  • Bos Lemon R25
  • Bos Peach R25
  • Oreo R35
  • Espresso R35
  • Belgian Chocolate R35
  • Creme Brulee R35
  • Peanut Butter R35
  • Blueberry R35
  • Cherry Cola R35
  • Lime R28
  • Chocolate R28
  • Vanilla R28
  • Bubblegum R28
  • Strawberry R28
  • Banana R28
  • Still R17
  • Sparkling R17
  • Apple R21
  • Cranberry R24
  • Orange R21
  • Lime and Soda R20
  • Lime and Lemonade R20
  • Passion Fruit and Soda R20
  • Passion Fruit and Lemonade R20
  • Cola Tonic and Lemonade R20

A slap in the face in a can.

  • Red Bull R32
  • Dragon Red R19
  • Monster R39

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