Welcome to the smash station. Not sure where to start? Don't worry; these classics are your map to burger heaven.

150g Smash. Tomato. Red Onion & RocoMayo

150g Smash. Aged Cheddar. Sweet Pickle. Tomato. Red Onion & RocoMayo

150g Smash. Emmenthal Cheese. Caramelised Red Onions & RocoMayo

150g Smash. Bacon. Aged Cheddar. Sweet Pickle. Tomato. Red Onion & RocoMayo

150g Smash. Emmenthal Cheese. Sauteed Mushrooms & RocoMayo

150g Smash. Bacon. Aged Cheddar. Tomato. Fresh Guacamole. Red Onion & Smoked Mayo 

150g Smash. Bacon. Cheese Bomb. Aged Cheddar. Mozzarella. Fresh Chilli. Chilli Mayo

3 x 100g Beef Smash. 3 x Slices of Aged Cheddar. Sweet Pickle. RocoMayo

Southern Fried Chicken Breast. Spicy Coleslaw. RocoMayo

150g Smash. Aged Cheddar. Tomato. Lettuce. Secret Sauce

Choose your smash first – beef, chicken, or veg (also vegan)… that’s your base! Then add your toppings and build your burger beast. We welcome serious DIYers ;)

Name and share your creations with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram like a true rockstar. Available for eat in and takeaway.

  • Smashburger R49
  • Extra 150g Beef R35
  • Bacon R15
  • Cheddar R11
  • Emmenthal R12
  • Mozzarella R11
  • Feta R8
  • Blue Cheese Dip R7
  • Chilli Cheeze Bombs ea R7
  • Chicken Breast R20
  • RocoMayo R5
  • Guacamole R10
  • Mushrooms R15
  • Spicy Coleslaw R7
  • Fresh Chilli R6
  • Jalapeno R7
  • Sweet Pickles R6
  • Caramalised Onions R9
  • Hot Sauce R7
  • MOFO Mayo R5
  • Frankenweener R15
  • Baconaise R5
  • Smoked Mayo R5
  • Chilli Mayo R5
  • Rocket R7
  • Old Skool BBQ R9
  • Egg R8
  • Salsa R8
  • Cheese Sauce R11
  • Nacho Crumbs R6
  • Jalapeno Bombs Ea R7
  • Feta Bombs R7
  • Smash Brew Battered Onion Rings R30
  • Ribs and Fries R188
  • Ribs, Wings and Fries R195
  • Old Skool Bbq Wings and Fries R135
  • Chops and Fries R185
  • Cheese, Bacon and Fries R85
  • The Slacker and Fries R105
  • B.C.G (Single) R55
  • B.C.G (Double) R70
  • Chillicheezdog (Single) R65
  • Chillicheezdog (Double) R80
  • Hey Joe! (Single) R40
  • Hey Joe! (Double) R55
  • with sweet chilli dip R50

Our super fly wings come in multiples of four. Choose a sauce and get sticky.

  • Four R34
  • Eight R64
  • Sixteen R120

Wing Flavour:

  • Buffalo (Hot)
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Mofo (F#% Hot)
  • Peri Peri
  • Old Skool BBQ
  • Flavour X* (unique to store)

Wing Dip:

  • Ranch
  • Blue Cheese

Time to rack up the taste. Choose a half or full kilo cage.

Sweet Bbq Ribs:

  • 250g R88
  • 500g R170


  • 250g R88
  • 500g R170
  • 750g R250

Beef*: (store specific)

  • 500g R170
  • 1kg R295

Rib Flavour:

  • Old Skool BBQ
  • Peri Peri
  • Flavour X* (unique to store)

Boost your fries with our kick-ass sauces. 


  • Small R29
  • Medium R40

Chilli Cheese:

  • Small R29
  • Medium R40

Bacon and Cheese:

  • Small R42 
  • Medium R52

No nonsense Nachos. Crispy, crunchy and smothered in delicious cheese.

  • Classico R65
  • Chicken Fajitas R89

These sleek potato sticks are baked to explode with maximum crunch and taste. Finish your smash masterpiece with a SML, MED or LRG helping.

  • Small R19
  • Medium R30
  • Large R45


  • Smoked Mayo R5
  • Mofo Mayo R5
  • Baconaise R5
  • Chilli Mayo R5
  • RocoMayo R5
  • Shackster Sauce R5

You're about to get your taste buds blown by these babies:

  • Chilli Cheese R40
  • Feta R40
  • Jalapeno R40
  • Mixed Bomb R40
  • Mac & Cheese Bomb R47


  • Hot Sauce
  • MOFO Mayo 
  • Ranch


Man cannot live on meat alone. Get your greens in by diving into a salad.

  • Village Greek R38
  • Spicy Coleslaw with Bacon R38
  • Garden Greek R45
  • Chicken Caesar R75

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