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107A Main Road

Cape Town

Monday : 10am-10pm
Tuesday : 10am-10pm
Wednesday : 10am-10pm
Thursday : 10am-11pm
Friday : 10am-12am
Saturday : 10am-11pm
Sunday : 10am-10pm
Christmas : Closed

Restaurant Reviews


Great food and an interesting crowd here.

Not the out of this world experience I was expecting; The waiter was all over the place but not at my table. Asked for a was done already but still waited in my coke. I so wanted to try the famous shake but if I waited that long just for a Coke; how long would I have waited for my shake ?............Rocco Greenpoint; not impressed

We were at the Green Point restaurant. The burgers, chilli cheese balls and chilli cheese fries were really nice. The milkshakes were not really much to talk about, it looked good but the taste did not blow me away, my kids were even disappointed and I mean they really love milkshakes. I had to order them another, but the normal one which was a bit better. The music was too loud like really loud and we kept having to shout when speaking and I kept having to repeat myself to the waiter because he could not hear me. Before were seated we had to wait almost an hour for a table. Eventually when we were seated and the waiter was busy with our order, he could not hear me as the music was too loud. He also kept forgetting to bring my chilli cheese balls after reminding him 3 times. Then when we got our bill he kept standing over us like he couldn't wait for us to get done and I was really fed up and said we are still busy...It's like he couldn't wait to get us out to allow the other people in that were waiting on tables. The service was not great I have seen better.

Good burgers. Awesome to be able to customise. Focused on burgers, wings, nachos.

Quase 1 hora para chegar a sobremesa.

BEST BURGERS EVER! I have only visited here once (unfortunately), but WOW, the burger's and the food are absolutely amazing! I didn't think that burger's could be so good! Not to mention their cheesy fries - they are absolutely delicious! I love the entire vibe of this restaurant, our waiter was so friendly, and joked with us, he made our day even better, and played along with all of our jokes. The service was incredible and quick, and their range of items, and burgers on the menu are incredibl...

Better late than never right? Went here because all my friends couldn't stop talking about. It was nice. I had and enjoyed the cheese and bacon burger with shoestring fries. My company had the same along with eight wings in buffalo flavour. The place is nice for a Saturday laid back quick lunch with friends. The service we received wasn't too bad either.

I am the first one to admit that we were probably any restuarants worst nightmare! Almost 20 of us arriving barely even 10 minutes after opening in the morning all loud, hot and sweaty from just completing the #laceupforcancer funrun/walk and that without a booking! The staff were however very accommodating and efficient in moving almost the entire restuarant around to create a long table for all of us to sit together. Some bodies in our crowd were desperate for a beer considering they have done their exercise and more quota for the day but unfortunately alcohol is only allowed to be served from 11 onwards which we completely respected. The fact that some wanted beers might then also be the excuse/reason why we never received breakfast menu's and only burger menu's or maybe I am just trying to protect the staff by being 'miss nice'. None of us however asked for a breakfast menu either as perhaps we were just none the wiser but when the table next to us received their breakfasts we were pretty dissapointed that we never had the opportunity to order breakfasts. Our food did take a while and it felt as if the other tables received their food way before us even though we were there way before them but I also know we took forever to order and we were quite demanding with milkshakes, beers after 11, coffees, some food to arrive before burgers etc. My first coffee for the day was here but sadly my cappuccino was weak and bland which might explain why it was pretty well priced. I ordered a downsize 100g burger and unfortunately it was dissapointing. It reminded me of a small affordable burger from a well known American fast food franchise. It is definitely not the same to the 150g burgers that I have had previously at Rocomams. For the small price difference it is definitely worth it to rather stick to the 150g or if you are really hungry to double up to the 2 X 100g. The cheesy fries were however absolutely delicious and eat some moreish. The presentation of the food seemed a bit messy looking and rushed except off course the amazing decadent milkshakes that will always look incredible as the more messier they look the better! It might not have been my best Rocomamas experience or maybe the novelty have just worn off since the first time I went to one and wrote such a passionate review about that specific branch. Perhaps it was just not a good experience as I don't eat burgers so early in the morning. Perhaps perhaps perhaps... I do however know I will probably visit Rocomamas again and it was

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Rocomamas Restuarant

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Service is poor at best. Management is useless. Been to a few Rocomamas and this is the worst branch by far!
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So we wanted to see why there is always a queue of patrons when we pass this spot. We had some ribs and burgers... the food was good.. did not blow my hair back. I think the prices are reasonable. Everything is just very loud (music, close to main road, patrons having to talk loud to hear one another) which in turn interferes with my conversation.
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It started out okay but from the moment we ordered everything just went downhill! Our food took very long to arrive, the other complaining patrons, waiter getting our drink orders wrong, broken...
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