Centurion Lifestyle Centre, Centurion Restaurant

Brian Bellis - Operator

Shop G23/24/26, Centurion Lifestyle Centre,
Cnr Old Johannesburg and Lenchen South Roads


Monday : 9am-10pm
Tuesday : 9am-10pm
Wednesday : 9am-10pm
Thursday : 9am-10pm
Friday : 9am-11pm
Saturday : 9am-10pm
Sunday : 9am-10pm
Public Holidays : 9am-10pm
Christmas : Closed

Restaurant Reviews


Most awesome food and service.

Great customer service & food 😁

When my husband left me for another lady I was so hurt and I used to cry every day. Whenever I could miss him I could just close my bedroom and cry because I never wanted my kids to see me crying. It was tough times to endure the stress and at work, I could not perform well being a nurse I work with many people but I could be moody and could even lose tempers for small things my colleagues complained and I signed many warning before the matron. I tried so much to move on but it was hard I love my husband sometimes I could see him in my dreams wake up thinking he would come but nothing, I used to SMS him but no response calling him he never picked my calls and finally blocked all my numbers not even to support the kids. many times I tried to talk to his family and friends they tried their best but he had completely changed and he regarded everyone as a stranger kept a deaf ear on everyone who tried to talk to him. I resorted to sangomas and spell casters but not even at one time did I see a change. I started drinking alcohol because I couldn't handle the stress but as you all know once you are drunk you are out of stress it could be worse once the alcohol is out. I can't forget the day I came back home and our firstborn asked me where is Daddy I miss him a lot why he is no longer coming home I never gave a right answer I went in the bedroom started crying at this time. I thought a lot of bad things but again because I loved my kids I knew I had to be strong because it was my role to play as a mother. I phoned one family friend she is such a darling to me and she gave me a number of Mama Lesedi +27671691668 she said she had helped her two years ago I had lost all my trust in everyone but she strengthened me and gave me the go-ahead to try Mama Lesedi +27671691668. I thought about it with all my heart and finally decided to contact Mama I made everything known to her and she said that we had a future with my husband and we are compatible but the lady had used something on my man which had diverted his feelings away from not only me but also from the whole family. I was so angry at this point and I asked how-how was possible to get him back. mama lesedi assured me that I would get my happiness back in three days Before I begun the prayer with Mama Lesedi +27671691668 and sent her my info with that of my husband then I was given the instructions of the prayers we did together over the phone and after the fast day my husband texted me saying hi it was not a big message but I was so happy for that small massa

Great burgers and great service! What more could you ask for? They also cater well for people who have allergies. They happily ensured my burger has no bun or wheat in it. I'll definitely be back.

I go gaga over their chilli cheese fries 🍟 😘 and jalapeno six bombs really are bomb!!!! . Addictive items! 💞 I don't mind eat daily @rocos. Lol 😂 😂

If you want the best chilli burger, this is the place to go. Great service, great atmosphere, this place rocks. Double thick milkshake are a standard, no need to order anything else.

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Rocomamas Restuarant

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Stopped for a late lunch. Service was really good .. this is an informal restaurant and the food needs to be eaten with fingers ... cutlery is available though 🤣🤣🤣. The prices are reasonable and the food good. Portions are reasonably sized.
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Why waste so much paper for one simple order?? Can't this system be changed, it seems like a cool idea but really only reinforces a culture of wastage.
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After waiting for 20 minutes a manager came to ask us if we have ordered yet, our reply that we were not even asked for drinks orders he called a male waiter to ask him to assist, as soon as the...
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