Borrowdale Restaurant

Alec Ethereg - Operator

Stand 914
Village Walk

Harare, Zimbabwe

Monday : 10am-10pm
Tuesday : 10am-10pm
Wednesday : 10am-10pm
Thursday : 10am-10pm
Friday : 10am-10pm
Saturday : 10am-10pm
Sunday : 10am-10pm
Public Holidays : 10am-10pm
Christmas : Closed


Restaurant Reviews


Best burgers in town? Gets pretty crowded on a wrong day but it's a great spot!

Always a great time there. Great burgers and snacks.

l really enjoy with Lydia.RocoMamas is the best

Service is amazing and so is the Food.

everything about RocoMamas is exceptional. the food.the waiters are so active, so caring.. Good customer care!

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Rocomamas Restuarant

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I visited this restaurant twice with my teenage girls because the food is very yummy. The service was great and the atmosphere was welcoming. I enjoyed some chicken fajita meal and I loved the chips.
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I'm a fan of the Rocomamas brand in general and never had a bad experience before the one I'm about to mention. They're food has always been top quality no matter what country I was in but my last experience made me feel like I'm never going to eat there again. If you follow my instagram @goodufoodu you'll see there was a time I used dial-a-delivery to order their food two days in a row because I enjoyed it. Trusting their quality I ordered it for my mom's belated birthday dinner in April. I got the chicken wings, two rockstar burgers and chilli cheese chips. The food arrived in a timely fashion as usual but the food was cold and stale. In fact it made us feel nauseated. I tried to contact Rocomamas through the phone number provided on their facebook but it didn't go through for two hours so I gave up and gave the food to my dogs. I then left a message on facebook explaining the predicament. I've had bad food experiences in less reputable and cheaper places that have responded within minutes or hours of my complaint so I could send the food back and receive compensation. Not so here which is disappointing because for the larger price that they charge they should have better customer care. I got a call two days later and the manager (Alec) was making up all sorts of excuses and trying to blame the delivery company which is absurd to me because they can be responsible for cold food but not stale food and how that day they had a different type of potato because some situation had arisen and he believed me about the chips being different than usual (how is that any of my business, customers shouldn't be told company affairs). That gave me the impression that he didn't believe that the food was bad and I just wanted to get a free meal. Then he said I should come over to Rocomamas to solve the issue. In all my eating out years, all issues my family had with food could be resolved over the phone. Why should I burn fuel and transport money (especially in an economy like Zimbabwe's?) to resolve an issue that could have been dealt with over the phone and whose result I'm not even sure of. Was this intimidation? I don't know but one thing my family and I know for sure is that we are never eating at this branch of Rocomamas ever again. And if there is management that actually wants to resolve this issue I still have the receipt for that horrid meal.
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The welcome was great, service on point and the waiter was very friendly, sadly I forgot his name. The food is ok, the ribs were nothing out of the ordinary, quite disappointed and glad I did not order the 750g. My mate was complaining that the burger bun was not fresh. The pricing is a bit ridiculous but guess they need to stay in business in this environment of ours. 2 out of 5 stars from me.
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