Greenstone Park

Peet Nel - Operator

Shop U45 & U46, Stoneridge Centre
1 Stoneridge Drive

Greenstone Park

Monday : 7:30am-10pm
Tuesday : 7:30am-10pm
Wednesday : 7:30am-10pm
Thursday : 7:30am-11pm
Friday : 7:30am-12am
Saturday : 7:30am-11pm
Sunday : 7:30am-10pm
Christmas : Closed

Restaurant Reviews


What a bad service I had today, It was the 1st time I come to stone ridge Rocco mama but hey I don't think I will ever come ever again, glen marais Rocco mama it's number 1 for me, the staff is friendly and their services is way to excellent I got to stone ridge Rocco mama, the white lady gave us a table for 2, we stayed more than 20 minutes without any waiter attending us, I called the lady, told her we ready to order, she said I'm not a waitress so I told her u gave us a table but no one has attended us, she said I will call someone to assist you, believe you me the next minutes the very some lady, she goes to the table having fries on her hands, she goes to the table and sit down and eat, like really what kind of services it's this? I really love Rocco mama or should I say glen marais Rocco mama I love you n keep up the good services, staff of glen marais u deserve the bells #Disappointed

Service here is great. ☺☺

Always a fun vibey place to get some good grub and beer in your belly. The chicken patty is a bit too crumby though and falls all over the show when not pressed well enough. Maybe they should consider chicken fillets as the burger filling. Chips and wings always spiced to the T. Happy days!

I liked the environment. The service was good and so was the food!

Such a pity. Since it opened I've been an avid fan but tonight was an absolute let down. Food took about 40 minutes to arrive and when it did it was really not worth the wait. All 3 burgers we ordered were completely overcooked, actually crunchy from the burnt bits and the ingredients on top the burger were ice cold. When we told the waiter about the cold caramelized onions, the response was that the caramelized onions are always put cold on the burger. This doesn't make sense?! Half cold, half ...

I think I'm addicted to the chicken wings at Rocomamas...stopped by here for some take away. Got 8 buffalo chicken wings with chips & blue cheese dip...just love these flavours all mixed into one. Really good

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Rocomamas Restuarant

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We had an amazing time waiting for the burgers with some colleagues while playing some Jenga. The service is very efficient and the burgers were on point. BEST BURGERS...
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What a perfect burger in a great setting. The outdoor seating was very pleasant the evening we went. The food was outstanding and the desert put a hurt in me in such a good way. I had the 150g burger and it was more than enough food. But I couldn't stop there when I saw that they had a dessert called SLOW Death By Chocolate! What!?! Get in my belly! Price was fair and service was good. They did misplace our order or something so we were delayed in getting our meal. Management apologized profusely. No worries. We enjoyed the conversation and the atmosphere.
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I currently live in Scotland but was born in South Africa. HOW I MISS THE FOOD!! Rocomamas served me one of thee best burgers I've ever had! The bun was soft, it was cheesy and had so much flavour! If it hadn't filled me so much I would've without a doubt ordered another haha! I also had a Creme brûlée milkshake... true to flavour guys! How they got it to taste like Creme brûlée, I dunno, but WOAH! Planning another family visit next year so will DEFINITELY be back. Service was excellent, great experience! Now I really feel like that burger.....
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