Pretoria Restaurant

Alwyn Viljoen - Operator

Shop 40, Hazeldean Square
Silverlakes Road


Monday : 9am-10pm
Tuesday : 9am-10pm
Wednesday : 9am-10pm
Thursday : 9am-10pm
Friday : 9am-10pm
Saturday : 9am-10pm
Sunday : 9am-10pm
Public Holidays : 9am-10pm
Christmas : Closed

Restaurant Reviews


This is the BEST RocoMamas in South Africa. This is our go to resturant if we just want a waffel and a milkshake or burger and sides. The team here are friendly and down to earth. We even have our regular table and Mandala has helped us on more the one occasion. He even knows our drink order. This is the place to eat Awesome food in Hazeldean.

Good burgers

Excellent service! Had a slight mixup with a special request on my order I placed with Mr.D but Mellisa had it fixed it and delivered to me in no time at all. You will definitely be seeing my business again.

Our waiter was amazing. One even brought my son a free milkshake. Was a lovely evening with family.

I was really impressed by the service of this part of the franchise. Good food and the add on of craft beer with the delicious burgers and c...

I love this place, my favorite burger joint. Only shame is that the Belgian shake I received initially had to be sent back, because it was n...

food is amazing love their milkshakes was really good people and service was really excellent. i did a takeaway friday and i didnt even have to wait 15 min was awesome

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Rocomamas Restuarant

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Two visits. The wife and I both enjoy their hamburgers and chips, and this is the ‘go to place’ close by. The service has generally been ok. Just remember the waiters name and face for next time. November – my neighbour down the road and I were both wife-less. The one already in Oz and mine visiting her mother. A quick phone call and decision – lets go grab a burger at R-M’s We arrived, in the pouring rain, and decided the outside under cover area was a lot cooler than indoors. They were not busy. 2 Tables with people inside and 1 outside. The waiter dropped off the menus and disappeared. We wanted to order some wine. Still no waiter. Looking around no sign of any other waiter/s. Then from inside emerges a waitress, and promptly sits down on a bench near the door. I wave and call and eventually she decides to get up and saunters over at a snail pace. “We would like to order some wine, says I” “Well I am not your waiter, he is somewhere inside” says she. That was the wrong thing to say. “I could not care where he is and your attitude leaves much to be desired. Go and call the manager or person in charge”. If looks could kill we would have been stone dead! Eventually this kid walks out, does not look old enough even to shave. We ask him to sit and then explain to him the pathetic service of his staff, their pathetic attitude and that we could go eat somewhere else (there are another 3 restaurants within 50m). The impression that we got is that he did not quite grasp what we were telling him. He pushed off and the original waiter appeared as if he had a fire lit underneath his rear. We had our wine and meal and decided that bad service just cannot be tolerated, so add R-M’s to the banned restaurant list. (much to my wife’s disgust!) Roll on to January 2019. Wife collected me from hospital after minor surgery, and so on the way home “I will bend the rule and we can eat at R-M’s”. Big smile from her. It is 18:30 when we arrive, about 5 tables with people, not very busy. 5 Waiters standing at the entrance yapity yapping, we find a table and the waiter brings menus. Wife “Do you have milkshakes?” yes says he and shows the menu. Me “I will have white wine” Wife “No she won’t have a milkshake or anything else to drink, thank you” The waiter stands looking at her. Again, somewhat louder “No she won’t have a milkshake or anything else to drink, thank you”. I repeat somewhat louder “I will have white wine”. And still he just stands there lo
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We went there on Sunday Evening after church and it was empty which was strange. We ordered burgers etc. and the food quality as always was great. Really a great restaurant.
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If you are in the hospitality industry, the festive season is the time to be open. We stumbled upon this franchise mainly because their competitors chose to close on New Years day. We were pleasantly...
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